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Venita Aesthetics Signature Treatment


In signature treatment we combine treatments to


address your needs instead of charging for a


specific procedure.


Nails, from 25


Facials - from £40


Massages- from £30


Eye brow - threading, Tinting, microblading  - enquire for prices


Advanced Face antiaging treatments £350


Additional areas (décolletage, neck, hands, etc.)   £225



Restoration, treating bald patching , arresting hair loss


£350 a session,


Mesotherapy For Hair

Weak Hair and Hair Loss – £170 per session r


Mesotherapy Face


Mesoglow – Increases skin quality, rejuvenation and rehydration


£170 per session


Mesolift – Moisturizing, Fill and Firming


£170 per session


Acne / Seborrhea – Balances skin hormones, Balances skin oil secretion


£170 per session

Age Spots – Pigmentation, Age spots, Melasma and Freckles


£170 per session


Mesodrain Fat Reduction and Firming – Reduces fat in the area, reduces sagging and increases tightness


£170 per session


Free consultation with medically qualified aesthetic practitioners



High strength infusion of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid and more. Mega antioxidants with brightening effect

single treatment £350

Course 3 in 3 weeks 950

Course of 10 - £3000

Course of 24 - £5500

(You only need this much if you are battling a serious condition like cancer, HIV, serious burn out, prolonged street, very low immunity and such various conditions. It's not a cure, it just helps your body fight better and age slower. ) OR You want your skin some shades lighter.


Anti- ageing drip  

£180 each,

£900 for a course of 6 and

£1500 for a course of 12

Well balanced with essential amino acids, Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, selenium and GLUTATHIONE


Energiser Drip 

Need a healthy pick me up? This is it. Increases energy Replenishes essential nutrients Detoxifies the body

£180 each,

£900 for a course of 6 and

£1500 for a course of 12

Myers cocktail drip aka  Wellness and Mood drip  

Replenishes vital vitamins and minerals, Enhances energy, Detoxifies the body

£180 each,

£900 for a course of 6 and

£1500 for a course of 12

 Athletics / Sport Drip  

Powering you to peak performance - Enhances Performance Boosts Energy Levels Improves Recovery

£180 each,

£900 for a course of 6 and

£1500 for a course of 12

IV Immune Booster Drip 

Rediscover your "get up and go" Maximises immune response Decreases oxidative stress Protects against free radical damage


£130 each,

£650 for a course of 6 and

£1100 for a course of 12

IV Detox Fat Burning Drip

Lean inside and outside - Burns body fat Enhances energy levels Reduces the body's toxic load

Drip £130 each,

£650 for a course of 6 and

£1100 for a course of 12



The SUPERHERO of antioxidants Shots 

£200 each,

6 shots for £1000 and

12 shots for £1700

Super-Vital-Super-Glow shot IV

£250 each,

£1300 for 6,

£2500 for 12 and

£4800 for 24

MegaGlow Shot

MegaGlow Brightening  IV/IM Kojic Acid and vitamin C injection

Great for all forms of hyperpigmentation, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, liver spots etc


£1600 for 12 and

£2800 for 24 shorts


IM SHOTS (Intramuscular)


Super-Vital-Super-Glow IM shot


£400 for 6 and

£750 for 12

All other IM shots

All IM shots are £50, £250 for 6 and £450 for 12

Vit B12, metabolic weight loss shot, Co enzyme Q10 shot, glutathione shot, Vitamin c shot, alfa lipoid acid shot (anti-ageing and whitening), Vitamin D