Benefits of IV Drips and IV/IM Shots

1/3/20233 min read

When the pandemic began, it put into focus our own internal health. For the most part, most of us became acutely aware of any deficiencies we have, or any changes in our immune systems. Keeping our immune systems healthy and in check became much more important to us. As we return to life as we knew it, and with the flu season approaching, keeping that immune system in check is coming back to the front of our minds. We all know that taking care of our internal health is our best chance at fighting off illness and disease.

Most of us take daily supplements to help us in one way or another. Some of us have multiple supplements we take, multiple times a day. What if there was an easier, and cheaper, way to get all the supplements you need without the need for all the pills? That’s where IV vitamin drips come in. Hungover, a little bit jet-lagged, have a vitamin deficiency, getting tired too quickly? There are IV vitamin drips or IV/IM vitamin shots formulated to specifically help with these issues and much more. These are generally supplements for enhancement physically, mentally, beauty and anti-aging, and so forth. It's not about diagnosing and treating disease conditions. Whether it’s for health or beauty, there is an IV drip for it. It's about providing your cells vital nutrients to do their job well. In a perfect world, where there is no stress, no premature aging of our cells and organs, where we sleep as much as we need to be fully rejuvenated, where we eat the perfect meals made from plants and animals cultivated in the rich undisturbed chemically and nutritionally balanced soil and raised in the best conditions; meals prepared to the best standards with all of the nutrients intact, these IV therapies will probably have less or a place if any at all. The world we leave in and the life we lead today are different. While waiting for the perfect living conditions to arrive, we can give ourselves a little boost every now and again.

1. IV drips are effective because they are injected directly into the blood. When we take oral vitamins and other drugs (eg. Painkillers), they go through the digestive system before they reach the bloodstream and target cells to have an effect. In that process, a of it is lost. IV drips allow for the vitamins or drugs to be directly injected into the veins, bypassing the digestive system, getting them into the cells quicker, and preventing the loss of some of the drugs.

2. IV administration makes it possible to take a higher dosage of certain medications or vitamins without their usual gastrointestinal side effects when taken orally, such as an upset stomach or diarrhea. These side effects are because of the digestion process, they go through when taken orally.

3. Vitamins and minerals such as glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, magnesium, NAD, selenium, calcium gluconate, and many more are among the popular nutrients. These help with hydration, energy, concentration, and your general well-being to help you function at your full potential daily. IM (intramuscular) shots are another way of getting the vitamins and minerals into your system, bypassing the digestive system. IM shots are just another delivery mechanism for getting nutrients into the body. In this instance, they are injected into the muscles, not the veins. This form is great for people who are short on time, cutting down costs and more.

Want to start looking after your internal and external health? Why not look into IV and IM treatment today if you are looking at ways in which to enhance mental clarity and concentration, beautiful glowing skin, vibrance, and agility? You can also specific blood and laboratory tests to ascertain what you are deficient in. For Vitamin therapy and blood/lab tests, book a free consultation here